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A Community Peace Collaborative

Today, and tomorrow our communities face deep roles of change. Here in the United States of America, every community; Diverse, Conservative, Progressive, and many more have made concerning, but not yet conflicting strides towards upholding its fundamental rights for humanity. On June 24, 2022, here in the U.S. a human right for women has been dismantled, and left for jeopardy of upholding protective rights under a federal law. Our conflicting rights of one another are seeding the purest form of division amongst each community within our nation.

 Doing our part as the community has allowed us to become more involved of weaving the threads of our fabric of Democracy. On June 24, 2022, Phemmee LLC has created, and adopted a new family edition to the Phemmee LLC's path for the rights of humanity.

The Candor Advocate: A Humanitarian Advocate. All human rights of interest will be covered under the umbrella of this precept, Global Peace Prayer For Humanity, and A Community Peace Collaborative. As we evolve within humanity, change comes, and with change growth makes its mark on humanity.

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Welcome Our New Adoption!

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 The Candor Advocate has its own brand, and it intends to make waves to declare a distinction for the advocacy of human rights. Please take the time to consider why Phemmee LLC finds the importance of such a collaborative.

A Community Peace Collaborative can be a conduit for people of all voices to come together, and meet in the middle regarding Global and Domestic Peace. Phemmee LLC sees this as an opportunity for voices to sound together, united, as if we are the United States of America.

 As the United States of America, we have been the beacon light of all nations from allover the world for centuries. The world needs us, and they need to see, and feel authentically our unity as a nation. We are better than this, our conflicting human rights are creating an implosion of our democracy. We win when we respect one another, and coexist in truth, balance, justice and compassion.


Let this collaborative play a demonstrative part in your community. As more interest results from this collaborative, Phemmee LLC will engage in an open invitation for a community board, for all voices to come together and collaborate their ideas for solutions.

Guess What? We are making room for the next edition of The Candor Advocate. There was a beta test podcast that commenced on January 2, 2023. Our anticipated debut was well received, and we are now in our active status of The Candor Advocate Podcast Platform. We are excited to have the open invitations of many guest to share their voices, collaborative ideas, inspirations, creativity, and solutions for us to generate a better today and tomorrow.


Protection of our Human Rights are more than just our justice, freedom and liberty, it's our life!


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