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Global Peace For Humanity

Global Peace For Humanity can be an ideology of the world's perception of cohabitation with one another, in times of unity, compassion, sustainability, and endurance. One must ascertain the need, will, and direction to accomplish life's goals and aspirations.


We are in dire need to unite with one another as a whole, while respecting one another for the sanctity of humanity. Humanity is a sacred walk of experience that we all share as a whole, as it is integral to uphold the sanctitude of life.


Phemmee LLC is supporting a call to action for humanity. In order to get through these challenging times, we have to evolve as a unified entity of integrity. Together we are the fabric of life.

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Let's Get The Conversation Going!

On March 5, 2022, Phemmee LLC has originated a contributing idea of connecting the dots of world peace. We now have the world at our fingertips. Never before in the history of our world, have we been able to communicate to one another by just one click on multiple social media platforms. "We Are Just One Click" is a new slogan for the world to unite in a one-second click. In one second, one can have their "statement of peace" ready to go. Just click your statement anytime, anywhere, on any platform. Use it for a call to action event, such as Global Peace Prayer.

Phemmee LLC is currently exploring opportunities for leaders of all ages, communities, small and large businesses to unite for advocating a moment of a Global Peace Prayer. The Global Peace Prayer would allow humanity over the entire globe to pause in prayer, silent or vocal to a 10-second meditation at one conjunctive time, for all time zones.

If you are here on our planet, then you must be aware of our current crisis of humanity. Ukraine has been under attack, as a precursor of representation of all of humanity. It has started with Ukraine, and it will continue in waves as a global crisis.

The effects have already hit every land on our planet. Together, we can continue to uphold our harmony in life, by standing up, standing in, and standing with peace. "Let's get the conversation going.!" Ask your town leaders about the idea of a dedicated Global Peace Prayer. Be the thread of our world's fabric, sew in your thread to bring upon peace to our immediate future. Our immediate future is today, because today is tomorrow.


Phemmee LLC is always looking for opportunities to stay connected. Contact Us Today!

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