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Franchise Spotlight of the Month

Phemmee Coach

Phemmee Coach is Phemmee LLC's "Franchise Spotlight Feature of the Month". Phemmee Coach is the first franchise rollout scheduled for the end of this year's debut. A Beta review and prototype will be available December of 2023. Phemmee Coach will also have an App Compliment that will assist a valued member with a Life Coaching System in their pocket. On any device with Apple/Google, this application will provide a valued member with the capabilities of personal goal setting, life relationship enhancement, and a wellness tracker to personally gage the progress of one's choices in a richer living lifestyle.  

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For The Aspiring Franchisee

If you feel you can make a difference in the lives of family, friends, and the world, then this may be the opportunity for you! Phemmee Coach is a life coaching system that will provide a service for every consumer, young and mature to guide them in self-shaping their lives for personal purpose, personal enrichment, and personal validation.


How It All Works

You as the Franchisee can start earning an income with an investment that has a ROI of 61% within the first ground breaking. Here's a scenario:

A guest/consumer goes online to search for life coaching assistance. They see Phemmee Coach, and they tap the link. The link goes directly to your business franchise website. The site will guide that guest to their options and package plans with a demo. The guest knows what they want, and they purchase a plan. Let's say the 49.00/mo. plan. A virtual experience is offered for the guest to get started, and their plan goes on for a few weeks.

A service at this valued cost for an average of 500 guest yields a noteworthy income monthly. Not to mention, this is just the recurring plan of a three-tier plan of service.

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