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Monique Perrin-Machado has demonstrated her extensive background as a Faith-Based Whole Life Coach for over 10 years. Serving neighboring and contributed communities with Whole Life Coaching for over 25 years. From Non-Profit Advocacy to Career/Business Coaching to Whole Life Coaching, her last formidable enclosure has been prime leadership in Faith-Based Life Coaching.

With earning her BS in Interdisciplinary Studies Degree and a Minor in Parent & Child/Adolescent Development, the benefits provided by her has helped many people along their personal journey. Alongside her career, she is a first-time author, and has earned the accreditation as a Culinary Arts Graduate from The Art Institute. Her clients have had the concession to weigh in on incredible self-discovery and achievable results for themselves.

Monique Perrin-Machado is the Founder of Phemmee, LLC. Phemmee, LLC is a Faith-Based platform for building up and supporting the inner strengths of humanity.  

On March 5, 2022, Phemmee LLC stands in for peace with Ukraine. In support of Ukraine, click on the seal above. All proceeds are Nova Ukraine.

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Wild Nature

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Appreciation. Begin Your Journey Today.

"I really needed help with understanding my new re-invention of myself. I was retired for over 30 years, but I wanted something more purposeful in my life, Phemmee helped me to get there, thank you."

- Anne L.

"Phemmee was there with insight that I was over-looking. The support of the services provided by Phemmee, allowed for me to take a step back and re-evaluate what I treasured the most, myself and my faith."

- Camille W.

"Phemmee helped me in time and in need to develop my family bond dynamic at home. I now manage my time better with my children by connecting to what's important to them."

- Diane S.

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